Friday, 12 April 2013

My First Time

My first gf was my own bhabhi when I was still in college. My cousin brother is
weak and small cock. When we were looking for a girl for him, I used to joke
with him about how will he manage after marriage and he always went silent on
that joke. But this was just a joke and play between brothers - little did we
know how real it would become.

When he selected my bhabhi I was away in college. He sent the pictures to me and
I again asked him the same on phone - how are you going to hanage with this
hottie! He got very upset on me and so I shut up and never talked about her that
way. after that I knew she was not a joke thing, now she was really family. But
I so many times got up in my hostel bed with a hard-on and with her picture in
my head.

During engagement when i met her i kept silent and away from bhai because he was
still angry on me due to that joke. 6 months later on their marriage - gave them
a gift box for their honeymoon. I did booking for Mahindra resort in
Bangkok-Pataya and gave her a vanity case with everything a woman can need after
marriage. She was so touched by it, she gave me a tight hug and kissed my cheek.

When they came back I could sense a unspoken tension between them. I ignored it
and went away to college. After 6 months when i came on holidays, i found bhabhi
depressed. I took her to shopping and slowly we became friends. She opened up
with me. She became almost like a gf. I asked her openly why she isnt so happy
with bhai. She started crying and gave me a hug. I couldnt control my feelings
too and I put my hand on her buttoks and pressed her to me. She pulled away and
went away in a bit of fake anger.

Now I had a chance, so I gfted her a sexy nighty, bra, panty set and asked her
to wear it for bhai. this was to put spark in their sex life. but that night i
heard them fighting and then she crying and sobbing. After a while i heard their
door open and then she came to my room. she was dressed in the nighty but still

I asked her what happened. she said ur brother doesnt understand. now i couldnt
see her sob, so i gave her a hug and i could feel her smooth, warm silky body
thru the nighty. I pressed her butt and pressed her to me. this time she didnt
pull away. hug led to a kiss and fondling. i tried to stop it but she touched my
feet and said 'plz take me as i am still untouched by your brother'. i was

Friday, 15 March 2013

Breeding in Socially Taboo Relations

I usually put the hotwife on pills after the first week of honeymoon with her.
But I cant stop it if she is fertile like a rabbit and conceives in this first
week itself ;)

Ok I confess I have done breeding with 3 of the 5 hotwives I took to bed. 1 cpl
came to me because he was fully impotent, she was virgin and they were under
social pressure, so they begged me to impregnate her. 1 got preg in 1st week
itself and the cuck husband revolted when she announced that she is pregnant,
but after a slap from me he settled down and accepted it. 1 was a planned
pregnancy after 1 year of our relationship- cuck was happy and celebrated it.

my style for cuckolding first time cuck cpl

The more I do the more I really enjoy this ritual -- where I force cuck husband
to dress hotwife as a bride and decorate the bed where I take her for the first
time. Cuck husband waits outside while I take her as my rakhail for the first
time. I call the cuck inside after the first love session to lick and clean the
oozing pussy. Mostly he has to lick my cum from her pussy but in some cases the
hotwife has some bleeding too because she was partly virgin or my 8 inch was
just too large for her. If she has bleeding then I enjoy abusing and humiliating
the cuck husband while he licks her bleeding pussy and cleans it. Sorry but I
have now started enjoying this sadistically.

Beauty Tip to prepare Hotwife

Tip to prepare the hotwife for first night with Bull: For drmatic results make the Hotwife apply Dove 'no more dark patches roll-on' her under panty areas and under arms for 1 month before the first night with her bull. Her whitening skin in private areas changes her mental attitude towards herself and opens her sexual desires. The bull also gets a pleasent shock on seeing his beauty naked on first night. Sure to get a bond for a lifetime between the beauty and the bull ;)

Thursday, 12 July 2012

HotWifing Videos to Train Your Wife

cuckolding is mainstream now

See this - this sexual lifestyle, called hotwifing or cuckoldry, has gotten increasing recognition in the mainstream.

Cuckolding in News Article

List of movies to watch for wanabe cuckold couples

1. The Good Girl (Jennifer Aniston)
2. Unfaithful (Richard Gere)
3. The Constant Gardener (Fiennes)
4. Closer (Jude Law, Julia Roberts, ..)
5. The Painted Veil (Edward Norton)
6. Notes On A Scandal (Cate Blanchett)